Cernit Glamour Navy Blue 62g

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Cernit  Glamour Navy Blue 62g

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This is the pearlescent range of Cernit. Glamour colours have a delicate and subtle pearlescent shimmer.

Cernit is a natural clay mixed with plastic and is known as an oven ceramic. The clay is soft and easy to work, right out of the package. When kneading the clay to its extreme softness, it does not stick to your hands or fingers. Over kneading the clay makes the Cernit clay become too soft to control and shaping of your creations can be difficult. The colored clay does not stains your palm. Cernit hardens by baking for only 15 to 30 minutes at low temperature (132 degrees C). When hard Cernit can be sanded, carved or filed. No other polymer clay will give the translucence of Cernit. And its high tensile strength allows you to work with the thinnest pieces imaginable. Finished projects have a warmth and realism impossible to achieve with other clays. Cernit is Phthalate free.

Cernit is apopular clay among doll-makers because of its translucent quality and the porcelain-like finish it has after curing.

Cernit can be used for all of your polymer clay modelling needs, including bead makingwithAMACO Bead Rollers.

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