La Fourmi 2 Part Resin Adhesive

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La Fourmi 2 Part Resin Adhesive

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Polyester glass casting resin ! Polyester glass casting resin is a colourless, crystal clear polyester resin, it is already preactivated with cobalt, so it only needs to be mixed with the pasty PRG-hardener. You can create wonderful transparent moulds, in which you can inlay decorative objects.

Polyester glass casting resin is preferablyused to make jewellery cabochons, key chains, paper-weights, or crystal clear casting resin blocks, in which one caninlay decorative objects such as paper clips, screws, nails, electronic components, and switches, etc. You can createwonderful casting resin blocks, also ideal to present extremely fragile objects effectively and protected, as advertising aids and decorations. The advantage of this unique material is that it can be filled into all types of shaped forms.